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The customer is both the starting point and endpoint of all entrepreneurial activities. Sounds reasonable – however, this is hardly ever really put into practice in companies. Everyone knows about “multilevel marketing” and is aware of networking and integrated sales approaches. But are you sure that all the different parts of your company have an integrated orientation towards your customers? Are all the parts of your company fully committed to the company’s objectives?
The Sales Doc will help you to ensure that your company pays more attention to your customers. Your benefit: More customer satisfaction, more customer loyalty, more profit.

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This isn’t just about tinkering around with the symptoms, but a new 360-degree customer view. What the Sales Doc provides:

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An integrated approach of serving customers. For more than 20 years and in a variety of positions and roles, Thomas Plöger has been showing how a common understanding of sales can emerge from diverging company areas.

Protrait Sales Doc - Thomas Ploeger