Do you intend to adjust your company thoroughly to focus on the customer? Are you looking for ways to align your company organisation to the customer – at all levels and in all areas? Ok. Let’s get started.
Let’s start by making people in the company aware that change is necessary. Let’s think together which self-perception we have today as a company or as a department and which self-perception we intend to develop so that we can continue being successful on the market in future.


Evaluating the situation


In individual or small group discussions we find out about the current status with regard to the topic of customer focus in all company areas. How do we see ourselves? How is every department and every employee in the company positioned? How can the customer benefit from their tasks and activities?
The range of services in the company and the customer benefit are then matched to the self-perceptions and the customer-oriented processes within all functional areas. How do we see ourselves? In the process, all company areas are considered – from purchasing, administration and human resources to production and sales.


A day of customer focus


What makes customers tick? What does he/she expect from our company? Initially, we accompany and establish full day sessions where directors from all areas learn about the customers’ requirements together with the sales department on site.
In the subsequent workshop this experience is then processed and we agree on how to go on. Sharing “aha” effects is an enormous step for the whole organisation.


Cross-functional workshops


All areas of the company are concerned with and responsible for sales. In cross-functional workshops we create a shared common image: “We are all sales people.” This is based on the new understanding gained from looking at the differences between the current status analysis and the company’s new value proposition.
The common perspective resolves conflicting objectives, which often prevail in traditional organisational structures. It is important that participants from all areas of the company take part. This is the only way for non-sales people to develop awareness for the significance of a sales-oriented approach.


Follow up


We will systematically ask your customers and together we will see how this process of cultural change manifests itself. Depending on requirements, we can carry out annual follow-up workshops or a “train-the-trainer” programme to secure this cultural change towards becoming a customer-oriented company for the long term. New executive personnel and employees are then systematically prepared for this culture and receive training during onboarding.


Internal coaching


Perception is one thing, implementation another. In an internal coaching session we then work together on a communication strategy with your company resources. In this process, these “new“ values become firmly established within recommendations for action.
Not only the company as a whole but also the individual departments themselves should develop a vision based on customer-oriented added value for the company. As external consultants we can perform much more individually and clearly in the coaching situation.


Keynote Speaker


An integrated approach to benefit the customer – this philosophy is also the focus of the Sales Doc’s motivational presentations. In his well-informed and entertaining presentations, Thomas Plöger presents what “having an integrated focus on the customer” means for a company. Using examples of best practices he inspires his audience to exploit the sales potential in their own companies.

If you are interested in booking a keynote talk like this for a kick-off event, please contact us.