Imagine, your company is consistently geared to your customers. The entire company organization, all levels, all areas. What did you do then? They have created a new awareness among all employees. You’ve won your teams for the benefits of change. They have anchored a vision in their minds that releases new energy.  And you have achieved all this with ease and joy. In any case, if you have trusted Sales Doc Thomas Plöger as a companion, impulse generator and converter. And on these services:


The inventory: start, finish. Now.


What is the current state of customer focus? How is each division, each employee? And what do his tasks and activities do for the customer? The answers are the starting point for an insightful journey of discovery.  The company’s services and benefits for the customer are compared with the previous self-understanding and the benefit rationale of the individual functional areas. And looking at all business sectors – from procurement to administration, human resource to production and sales. With the new findings, new sales perspectives are ahead of you. 


The Customer Focus Day: The Sales World Revisited.


When it comes to the core of the customer, the first question is, what does he think? How he sees your business. And what expectations he derives from it. Do you foresee what value new insights mean for your sales success? You win with Der Sales Doc Thomas Plöger. Very handy, so sleeves up! 


Executives from all areas now experience the needs of the customer accompanied  the sales department. Directly on site, purposefully moderated. In the subsequent workshop, the experiences are worked up and the aha effects are set in motion – an enormous step for the entire organization. And with the planning of the further procedure the first step of the conversion is already done


Cross-functional workshops: everyone has understood.


All divisions are in charge  for the sales and responsible. In cross-functional workshops, the common image has been created: “We are salespeople.” The basis for this is the newly gained insights from the difference between the actual analysis and the benefit arguments of the company.  Conflicts of objectives, as prevalent in ordinary organizational structures, are resolved by a common approach. It is important that the participants come from all areas of the company. This way, an awareness of selling can be created even for none-sales people. 


Follow up workshops: Deep, deeper, lasting.


Your customer focus is sharpened, all employees align their thinking and acting on it. Very well. And to keep it that way, there are systematic customer surveys that measurably prove progress. In addition, follow-up workshops and the train the trainer program, with which the cultural change to consistent sales orientation is anchored in the company in the long term. New managers and employees are also integrated faster and deeper in the culture.


The internal coaching: setting up new signposts in your head.


The awareness of the customer focus is one thing, the implementation the other. In an internal coaching, a communication strategy is worked out together. Then a mission statement for which the individual areas developed. Now the new messages are anchored in concrete recommendations for action and every employee in sales has orientation.


Key Note Speaker: The stage for sales.


What is a powerful 12-cylinder without the one spark that sets it going? And what is a talented sales team without a kick, which brings it to new levels of performance?  After a keynote speech by “Der Sales Doc”Thomas Plöger, the team is wide awake. The pulse is elevated, the mouth angles are pointing up, the eyes are open. The fists clenched. Because from now on, the customer is in focus. Der Sales Doc Thomas Plöger brings in all his knowledge, entertaining stories and inspiring best practice examples. A mental charge for an extra boost towards sales success.