A new picture of your customer. And how your success depends on it.



Let’s face it: the success of your business is not about you. Not even your product or service. It’s about your customer. And he does not want a hammer, not even a nail. He finally wants his picture on the wall.  Does everyone in the company have this picture on their mind’s eye? It’s all about this. This endpoint is the beginning. Doing the right things right starts with these questions.  “What brings my work to the customer, what added value does it create?” In the answer, people do not only discover the deeper meaning of their actions, but also ideas to satisfy customers even better.  And whoever has found an answer to a question like “what contribution to customer satisfaction do I do with my work?” – even though he or she has no direct customer contact – opens the door to a new awareness of one’s role in the company and society what he can do.  So, are you selling hammer and nail or a picture on the wall?


The 10 impulses with which the thoughts really circle around the customer.

  • 1

    Just as planets revolve around the sun, all company actions revolve around the customer.

  • 2

    Only who listens to the customer understands.

  • 3

    The sales success is the sum of all customer contacts.

  • 4

    Winners in customer satisfaction know: across the finish line, different divisions come only as a team.

  • 5

    The transformation of corporate culture is an ally to align the entire company to sales.

  • 6

    Customer focus is nothing special in leading companies. But self-evident.

  • 7

    The customer base is the real capital.

  • 8

    Change only hurts until you discover the fun of winning in it.

  • 9

    There is only one truth - that of the customer.

  • 10

    The most important goal is always to win the customer first, then the business.

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