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All companies focus on their customers. And all companies believe customer satisfaction is their greatest asset. But things start to look different when you ask which areas of the company are really working together to achieve customer added value.


Focussing on the customer.

In successful companies, all areas of activity are committed to the customers. In companies like this, all departments – from Finance, Administration and Human Resources through to Production – are in contact with the customers. They all have a realistic picture of customer expectations.


We align your company to the customer.


The Sales Doc shows you how to align your company to sales and integrate all departments and how to consistently orient your company towards the customer’s requirements. Each individual employee will be made aware of the customer. Each individual should repeatedly call their organisation and his or her actions into question: “What is in it for the customer? What added value will my job create?“ Some old, much-cherished habits will have to be got rid of in the process. This is the starting point for getting closer to the customer and achieving more productivity and profitability.


But we won’t just show you the way, we will accompany you as well. We will turn your customers into loyal and enthusiastic customers.




  • 1

    The customer is the beginning and endpoint of all entrepreneurial activities.

  • 2

    The sales department is the customer’s mouthpiece within your company. But the whole company has to learn how to listen carefully.

  • 3

    Where is sales success formed? In every contact with the customer!

  • 4

    The whole company organisation has to think and act in a customer-focussed way.

  • 5

    Taking care of sales must include the whole company. The responsibility for sales has to pervade all areas of the company. (based on Peter Drucker)

  • 6

    To what extent do different areas within your company cooperate with respect to customer added value?

  • 7

    Aligning your own company completely towards sales and orienting it fully towards your customers’ requirements involves a big cultural change.

  • 8

    Focusing on customers is a fundamental attitude.

  • 9

    The management of a company must be aware of its most important asset: The client base.

  • 10

    Changes can hurt. They can be fun, too. It depends on the point of view – and whether fun is approved.

  • 11

    Sacred cows make the best Hamburgers. (based on Mark Twain)

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